About Me!

Life… as my Art, has been a journey. I have been creating since kindergarten. I am a realism artist and creator. I always want to draw what I see and create what my mind conceives. I have been down many roads.
I was on a quest to find myself. With the help of my friend Gene Ratliff, I managed to put the spiritual baggage down and enjoy the spiritual journey of a lifetime and we never stop learning. The Angels, allowed me to feel their energy, frequency and vibrations. It assist me in my art work!
I have worked with gourds, beads, pencil, charcoal, pastels, painting, airbrush, spray paint cans, clay, baking, chocolates, lollipops, cakes, and internet radio, and web design,
If, I thought it, I created it. I create because sometimes ideas need to be seen to be understood.
People may critique my work, but it is really about them: everyone can look, they see, what they know, love, hate, or understand. My wish … I hope my art benefits you by sparking a feeling, to connect, enlighten, or communicate.
“Through a cord of LOVE anything is possible!”

Diane Peterson